Eaton KW and KR Coin Cell EDLC SuperCaps in Stock at TTI

TTI, Inc., a specialty distributor of electronic components, has stock for immediate shipment of multiple values of the Eaton KW and KR series of supercaps. All products feature low ESR for high power density with environmentally friendly materials for a green power solution. Eaton supercapacitors are maintenance-free with design lifetimes up to 20 years and operating temperatures down to -40 °C and up to +85 °C. The KR series is available from 0.1F to 1.5F and the KW Series is available from 0.1F to 1.0F, both with a maximum working voltage of 5.5V.

Eaton’s KR and KW series replace button cell batteries and the battery holder for real-time clock backup power and provide ride through for battery operated devices to allow time for battery replacements. Utilizing electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with proprietary materials and processes, Eaton supercapacitors exhibit high-reliability, high-power, and ultra-high capacitance. They can be applied as the sole energy storage or in combination with batteries to optimize cost, lifetime and run time. System requirements can range from a few microwatts to megawatts.

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