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By Philip Spagnoli Stoten Founder of SCOOP

After hijacking a space on EMSNOW’s homepage while I guest edited the publication, their esteemed editor, Jennifer Read, has kindly allowed me back on a weekly basis to share some of what I am watching, reading and even listening to. So, here’s a few things I’ve enjoyed this week, some of which you will see among my regular posts on LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • In a little over a week I’ll be at RAPID + TCTin Detroit catching up on the latest in Additive Manufacturing. One that caught my eye was a collaboration between Protolabs, GE Additive & designer Zac Posen, check out this article, “3D Printing Has a Glamorous New Dimension: High Fashion”, and definitely watch the video. Less Terminator, more Cinderella!
  • As supply chains become more digitized, we see greater use of data, including AI. Take a look at this piece in Supply & Demand Chain Executive entitled: More Than Just Hype: 4 Ways to Use AI to Optimize Supply Chains.
  • If you’re looking for something to listen to, here’s another great podcast from Macro Micro Michael Marco & Startups at the Edge. Where else will you find a podcast on 3D printing that references cassette tapes and cowboy hats? The episode is called, “Scaling 3D Printing and Making Manufacturing Fun Again, with Blake Teipel”. Marco is a great host and Blake is always a great guest and additive advocate.
  • The skills gap is an increasingly important issue in our industry and one that will not go away anytime soon. This article, “Let’s Get Real about the Skills Gap and Start Solving It” references a lack of training and job security is at the root of manufacturing’s image problem.
  • As the connectivity debates continues, and I know we’ll be seeing much more on this topic, check out what Ranjan Chatterjee had to say on the topic in the latest issue of i4.0Today(Page 14).

That’s it until next week! For more regular musing connect or follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Read more, watch more, hear more, know more – that’s the SCOOP!

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