An US$ 80 million investment arrives in Tamaulipas

REYNOSA – By the next six months, two new maquiladoras will begin operations in the city of Reynosa, while one more will carry out an expansion project, thus promoting the economic development of the northern zone of the entity, revealed Carlos García, minister of Economic Development of Tamaulipas.

“The companies of English, Indian and Japanese origin, will generate about a thousand new jobs in the city,” said the minister.

He explained that the operations of these three foreign companies represent an investment of approximately US$80 million and the creation of around 1,000 new jobs.

He indicated that Delphi Technologies is investing more than US$22 million for its new plant in Reynosa, generating 400 jobs, while Indo-MIM, in Reynosa, will create 200 new job positions with an investment of US$25 million.

In addition, Nidec Motor Corp. will carry out an expansion project by growing into a 126,000 square feet area and will add 400 new jobs to the 1,000 already existing.

Only in 2018, Tamaulipas ranked 7th place regarding the attraction of direct foreign investment; currently the entity is working on the promotion for the arrival of more investments.

Source: Mexico Now

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