Vishay VCNL3036X01 High-Resolution Proximity Sensors at TTI

Fort Worth, Texas  – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, is now stocking VCNL3036X01 Proximity Sensors from Vishay. These sensors are targeted to meet the requirements of various medical, process automation and industrial sensing applications.

Vishay’s VCNL3036X01 integrates a proximity sensor (PS), a mux and a driver for up to three external IREDs into one small package. It incorporates photodiodes, amplifiers and analog-to-digital converting circuits into a single chip by the CMOS process. PS programmable interrupt features of individual high and low thresholds offer the best utilization of resources and power saving on the microcontroller. These sensors offer a small form factor of 4.0mm x 2.36mm x 0.75mm (L x W x H) and are AEC-Q101 qualified. Key applications include force feedback functions, proximity/optical switches for computing, automotive and industrial devices.
To learn more, visit VCNL3036X01 Vishay Proximity Sensors | TTI, Inc.

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