AdoptSMT at SMTconnect 2019, Booth 4A-530 “We keep your production running”

The two major hot topics on the AdoptSMT booth 4A-530 at SMTconnect in Nuremberg from May 7 to 9, 2019 will be the takeover of the long-standing label supplier Nortec Group by the world’s largest label manufacturer CCL and the step-in service for older SIPLACE placement machines, which has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Label supplier Nortec Group now part of CCL Design

Since 2012 AdoptSMT has been working closely with Nortec Group, the manufacturer of industrial labels and masking products.CCL Design acquired Nortec in June 2018 and continues its close sales cooperation with the AdoptSMT Group.CCL Design is part of the CCL Industries group, which also includes Avery Zweckform with office products and Checkpoint with RFID solutions for the retail business.

CCL Design not only punches and prints labels from standard materials, but also coats label materials and manufactures customer-specific labels with special multi-level security systems.By using other printing techniques in addition to thermal transfer printing, AdoptSMT is now able to supply multi-colour pre-printed labels in the high-temperature rugged sector meeting precise customer specific colour specifications.

AdoptSMT continues to sell CCL polyimide masking materials and has been able to expand its portfolio, especially for small masking labels with or without peel-off lugs.

Label feeder Hover-Davis Axium

As a Hover-Davis distributor for DACH and many other European markets AdoptSMT continues to ensure trouble-free automated label mounting on printed circuit boards.With Hover-Davis also selling CCL labels with the Axium Media Presenter in other markets, the three-way relationship between AdoptSMT – Hover-Davis – CCL has become even stronger.

Spare part and feeder supply for Siplace D, HF, HS, S and F series machines ensured

The AdoptSMT slogan “We keep your SIPLACE machines running” has gained further relevance after the discontinuation of spare parts and service supply by ASM at the turn of the year.The discontinuation affects all machines with analog vision systems, such as HF, HS, S, F and C series.For these machine generations, AdoptSMT has many parts in stock. Suppliers for premium parts have been established and within the scope of the AdoptSMT RENEW programme, AdoptSMT repairs and overhauls a broad range of major assemblies, such as placement heads, cameras, axis controllers, tape cutters and communication units for feeder trolleys. Feeder service will also continue to be offered for the discontinued S -feeders.