eacs attains ISO1401, Carbon Neutral and Carbon Reduced Organisation Certified status in drive to become Net Zero

COP26 needs to deliver a simplified mechanism and support structure to help businesses start their Net Zero journey

Next week the COP26 Conference in Glasgow will once again raise how businesses can become more sustainable and support the government’s commitment to becoming Net-Zero by 2050.  As of 21 March, a third of the UK’s largest businesses had pledged to eliminate their carbon emissions by the government’s deadline.  But what about SMBs and SMEs?  This is a question being asked by managed services provider eacs

Kevin Timms, CEO, eacs, stated: “Off the back of what has been a challenging two years for most businesses, how will they be able to support this commitment?  Whilst the appetite is there from many Boards to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, the stress on budgets and cash flow following the pandemic is making it a very difficult decision to make.

eacs decided three years ago to assess and then address its carbon footprint. As a business  eacs is today ISO1401, Carbon Neutral and Carbon Reduced Organisation Certified.

“However, we want to take it to the next level. Like eacs, many businesses have introduced carbon offsetting policies but appreciate that this is not addressing the issues associated with climate change.  Many people have compared the growth in “offsetting” to using a credit card but then paying off the minimum amount each month,” continued Timms.

“There has to be a fundamental change to the support available if businesses are to do more.  Every business, whatever the size, has to do more to reduce its operational impact and take the necessary actions to reduce emissions and waste and not just “pay off” their “climate debt”.  Whilst I am sure businesses are committed to doing this, there is only so much that can be achieved before they have to take the leap and make monetary investment and resource investment that many SMBs and SMEs may not have at the moment.”

COP26 will undoubtedly come out with new plans, announcements, and commitments, but to achieve this, governments need to get the buy-in from all businesses and put funding in place to support betting companies to achieve it.  It is a challenging predicament the governments are in because of the fallout from the pandemic, but 2050 will very quickly be with us.

“As a country and as a business community, we all have a lot to do.  While green loans and grants are available, they are not easy to find, have limited funding available, and are difficult to get.  Suppose the government is serious about achieving Net Zero by 2050. If they are, then there needs to be additional easy access to long-term support to businesses to help them reduce their carbon emissions and not “pay off their minimum debt”. Offsetting carbon emissions is a great first step for businesses, but it will not halt the damage we are all doing to our environment. There needs to be a simplified mechanism and support structure to help businesses start their Net Zero journey,” concluded Timms.

About eacs

eacs is the expert in the delivery of IT Services to the mid-market.  It is an award winning and trusted provider of IT solutions and managed services in both the Private and Public Sectors.

Founded in 1994, the company supplies practical, innovative and cost-effective IT products, solutions and services to businesses. Solutions include end user computing, infrastructure, cloud computing and systems management. The services range from ad-hoc consultancy, support and training through to fully managed or hosted IT systems.

Partnerships with market leading manufacturers mean eacs is positioned to provide organisations with the highest level of expertise and quality. Accreditations include: Citrix Silver Solution Advisor, Microsoft Gold Partner, NetApp Gold Partner, Nutanix Scaler Partner, VMware Advanced Partner, HPE Silver Partner and Dell Authorised Provider.

eacs is ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management, ISO20000 certified for Service Management, ISO 27001 certified for Information Security, ISO 14001 certified for Environmental Management, ISO 22301 certified for Business Continuity Management, ISO 37001 certified for Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABMS) and ISO 45001 certified for Health & Safety Management (OHS).  eacs is also Cyber Essentials Certified and is also a recognised Carbon Neutral organisation.

For more information, visit: http://www.eacs.com/

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