Yamaha Reveals New Depth to Total Line Solution at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018

New YST15 component-storage/retrieval, YSi-SP 3D SPI,and faster modular mounters, extend Yamaha Total Line throughout efficient, connected factories Yamaha Motor Europe IM Division has shown how surface-mount assembly can continue to boost productivity and quality control, by introducing new and advanced equipment at SMT Hybrid Packaging in Nuremberg.

“The advantages of our total line solution concept now extend further across the factory than ever, with the latest machines for inline solder paste inspection and component storage and handling,” said Mr. Ichiro Arimoto, YMEIM General Manager. “Visitors have been excited at the new opportunities we can offer to further raise productivity and quality, and reduce operating costs.”

Having promised to debut the latest YSi-SP solder-paste inspection (SPI) machine at the event,
Yamaha showed how high-speed 3D inline inspection boosts efficiency by coordinating with other machines in the Yamaha total line, such as printing and placement. The YSi-SP consolidates multiple inspection modes, including high-precision with advanced algorithms, and super-high resolution, on one machine, with a single head, for maximum throughput and minimum operator workload. Augmenting the comprehensive standard features, options such as bonding inspection and foreign matter inspection help customers target specific manufacturing challenges. YSi-SP also supports data driven process improvement by capturing all pad images and measurements into Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.

A bonus for visitors to this year’s Yamaha booth, the new YST15 Intelligent SMD Storage System also made its European debut. The YST15 integrates tightly with Yamaha’s Total Line Solution through Factory Tools software to bring new efficiencies to automated component storage, retrieval and delivery to the point of use. Storing up to 1500 reels, and able to load or unload up to 27 reels in one batch, it coordinates with events on Yamaha SMT lines to extract the required devices from inventory in advance and ensure arrival at the right machine at the optimum time. It is also AGV-ready, to interact with automatic guided vehicles for component transportation in the factories of tomorrow.

Also new to European audiences in Nuremberg, the latest Σ-G5S II mounter raises the performance of Yamaha’s modular family to new heights. Maximum mounting speed is increased 20% to 90,000 cph, and Σ-G5S II also features improvements to the rotary direct-drive head, streamlined board feeding, and a redesigned buffer for handling larger PCBs. Proven features of the Σ-G5S are retained, including splice-free feeders, overdrive motion for front or rear component picking, and the efficient 1-head solution concept.

Visitors also met the YSM20R mounter, the latest in Yamaha’s Z:LEX high-efficiency modular family. Higher mounting speed and a new wide-scan camera for components up to 12mm x 12mm with timesaving on-the-fly recognition give an extra boost to flexibility and throughput. Customers can further enhance productivity by choosing from options including Yamaha’s Auto-Loading Feeder (ALF), Auto Tray Sequencer (ATS) for non-stop tray replacement, and non-stop feeder-carriage exchange system.

Visible across the exhibition booth, and bringing all the machines in the Yamaha line together,
Yamaha’s Factory Tools 4.0 software suite introduced new features including customizable machine to-machine communications to unleash the power of Industry 4.0 in electronics-manufacturing enterprises. With new real-time performance and feeder-status monitoring, database-driven traceability, and powerful statistical process control (SPC) features, Factory Tools 4.0 comprises over 20 applications to streamline setup and programming, manage assembly throughput and productivity, and provide traceability down to each individual component and the nozzle that placed it. The Yamaha Factory Tools 4.0 software suite unifies the Yamaha Total Line Solution, connecting advanced manufacturing capabilities with enterprise management and decision-making.