YAMAHA Introduces ALF Auto-Loading Feeder

New Machine Is Said to Simplify Loading Without Interrupting Production


Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA announces the launch of ALF, the auto-loading feeder that revolutionizes feeding tape components by eliminating reliance on user skill. With ALF, any operator can easily supply tape components by merely inserting the tape itself without the need for splicing or complex routing of the tape throught the feeder, and all without stopping the machine or interrupting production.

Yamaha’s unique center-open system, which eliminates the need to remove the top tape, reduces pickup errors that can result due to static peeling charge and tape dust.

Yamaha’s exclusive tape-setting mechanism, designed to extend toward the operator, dramatically simplifies tape loading.  Additionally, a feature that allows two reels to be set at once on the feeder greatly facilitates ease-of-use for the operator by allowing a reload of the feeder regardless of the number of components on the active reel.

To find out more, visit the Yamaha booth #2333 at APEX, or visit www.yamaha-motor-im.com. Contact George Babka at Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA tel. + 619.301.5802; E-mail: george_babka@yamaha-motor.com.