TopLine CCGA, PID Vibration Damping Technology to Highlight Exhibit at APEX 2018 in San Diego

TopLine’s CCGA Column Grid Array IC packages and new Particle Impact Dampers (PID) that reduce random vibration will highlight the company’s exhibit at IPC/APEX EXPO 2018 at the end of this month in San Diego. TopLine will exhibit in Booth 3101, where a PID informational video and demonstration will be held continuously in the booth over the 3-day show.

In making the announcement, President Martin Hart stated, “We’re especially excited about the benefits of CCGAs, as well as new PID technology that reduces harmful vibrations and extends hardware life and reliability.”

TopLine’s CCGA Column Grid Array IC packages are made with non-collapsible solder columns for surface mount soldering on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and provide more compliancy than solder balls (Ball Grid Arrays or BGAs) to absorb stress and increase solder joint reliability under harsh operating conditions.

PID is a COTS commercially-available standard solution, suitable for retrofitting and hardening heritage hardware in the field. PIDs can be solder attached like ordinary components, or attached to the board using permanent epoxy adhesive. TopLine’s new series of Particle Impact Dampers were invented at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

For more information and to see a demonstration, visit booth #3101 at APEX; those interested are also encouraged to visit a new web site showing a 2-minute YouTube video showing how the PID works; Please visit www.Vibration.Engineering, Tel 1-800-776-9888, or email:  for more information.

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