White Horse’s Quality Inspection Report for Electronic Components

White Horse Laboratories is committed to promoting transparency and ensuring quality in the electronic components industry. We’re happy to share our December 2023 Quality Inspection Report, offering a clear view of the types of components tested, our testing methods, and the valuable insights we’ve gained.

Key Tested Components in December

In December, we focused on testing core electronic components like MOSFETs, FPGAs, Resistors, and Diodes. These components are critical in a wide range of electronics, from everyday consumer devices to sophisticated industrial systems.

MOSFETs & FPGAs: Consistent and Rising Demand

MOSFETs remain a constant in our tests due to their crucial role in controlling electric currents. FPGAs have also seen increased testing, indicating a growing importance in the market, especially since overtaking the testing numbers for MCU microcontrollers from October.

Resistors & Diodes: The Unsung Heroes

Resistors and Diodes were also prominently tested. These components might not always be in the limelight, but their roles in controlling and directing electric currents make them indispensable in electronic circuits.

Crucial Testing Services

Our lab’s comprehensive testing, led by EVI (External Visual Inspection), Solderability Testing (ST), and X-Ray Analysis, is crucial for ensuring component quality and reliability. These tests help us understand the physical condition, welding properties, and internal structure of the components, ensuring they meet our high standards.

EVI: First Defense Against Defects

EVI remains an important part of our testing, offering a first look at the components’ condition and spotting any potential defects right off the bat.

Solderability Testing (ST): Guaranteeing Manufacturing Quality

ST is essential for checking the welding properties of components, ensuring they can be integrated smoothly into electronic devices without issues.

X-Ray Analysis: Seeing Beyond the Surface

X-Ray testing is vital for peering inside components, revealing any hidden defects and confirming the components’ structural integrity.

Test Results and Industry Impact

Our December test results showed that around 80% of components passed our tests. However, some components required additional testing or were found unacceptable, highlighting the ongoing challenge of identifying and weeding out counterfeit components in the industry.

Manufacturer Spotlight

This month’s tests included a diverse range of manufacturers, with a notable presence of components from Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, and NXP Semiconductors. This variety underscores the diverse supply chain contributing to the global electronics market.

Our quality reports aim to inform and empower our clients, enhancing the security of the supply chain in the complex electronic components market. White Horse Laboratories remains dedicated to providing thorough analysis and insights, helping our clients manage risks and uphold high standards of quality and safety.

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