White Horse Laboratories Expands Facility to Boost Services and Local Supply Chains

Hong Kong – White Horse Laboratories announces a significant expansion of its Hong Kong facility, emphasizing the enhancement of test capabilities to include AS6081 methods A1-A6, and drawing attention to the company’s comprehensive logistics services. By reducing the need to transfer samples to its Shenzhen facility for advanced methods, the expansion will eliminate the lead-time of the importation process and better address clients’ needs.

Mark Rinehart, the Founder and Managing Director of White Horse Laboratories, said, “This expansion showcases our dedication to delivering exceptional service and solutions customized to the evolving manufacturing and supply chain conditions our customers’ face, while maintaining the loft standards those customers’ expect and rely upon.”

Founded in 2004, White Horse Laboratories is a trusted partner in protecting the integrity of global supply chains, providing a suite of services designed to safeguard products from counterfeit electronic components and other threats. The expanded facility equips the company to better serve clients and highlights its commitment to offering a comprehensive range of services, including programming, packaging, and logistics support.

For more information about White Horse Laboratories and the expanded facility, visit www.whitehorselabs.com or contact solutions@whitehorselabs.com.

About White Horse Laboratories:

White Horse Laboratories has been protecting the integrity of global supply chains since 2004, providing clients worldwide with services and solutions designed to safeguard their products from counterfeit electronic components and other threats. With a presence in Asia, the United States, and Europe, White Horse Laboratories is committed to offering clients the highest level of service and quality control using sophisticated testing equipment and internationally recognized procedures.

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