Unitemp & Ramcare Joint Venture: An environment for UKAS temperature and humidity chamber calibration

Users of thermal and environmental engineering equipment will now have a complete package of sales, service, support and calibration that has previously not been possible in the UK. It follows an agreement between Unitemp and Ramcare that is the classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Unitemp is well known for its expertise in environmental engineering and has the aptitude to understand customer’s problems and recommend the most effective solution – whether this is a simple test chamber, humidity test chambers or a complex computer controlled solution. Along with ESPEC’s extensive range of cabinets that cover everything from benchtop units to multi-room ‘controlled environment’ facilities, Unitemp designs and manufactures bespoke custom build equipment to ensure that there is a solution for every situation.

Ramcare’s expertise is in process control instrumentation; from design and manufacture through to installation and servicing. They also have another very crucial string in their bow: calibration. While Unitemp could calibrate equipment to a high standard, it was not accredited to recognised standards. With Ramcare’s involvement, all calibration will now be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and will follow a quality system approved by both UKAS and BSI. On-site health and safety protocols adhere to OHSAS 18001 standards. All of the standards listed are well recognised and accepted by pharmaceutical stability testing bodies the FDA and ICH Q1A(R2).
Ron Brown, Unitemp’s Managing Director, said: “There are some applications where it is not enough to know that your equipment is working correctly, you need documented proof. This joint venture with Ramcare allows us to bring accredited calibration services to both of our customers.”

With three offices; Ramcare South, Ramcare Wales and Ramcare Midlands; each with a team of satellite engineers working from it, Ramcare also considerably extends the available coverage of engineers when it comes to service and support of both Unitemp’s own and the Espec’s chambers. Ramcare’s CEO Dan Patel commented: “Unitemp is a national company and our engineers will be trained by them to service the equipment they make to manufacturers standards. This will make us able to support its customers across the country with a complete package that includes calibration. This is a business and ethical agreement which benefits both companies and their customers.”

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