What’s the SCOOP? From the Guest Editor’s Desk


By Philip Spagnoli Stoten Founder of SCOOP

It’s been a real honor to edit EMSNOW for Jennifer Read while she took a well earned break this week. We’ve seen features from Carl Hung, CEO at Season Group, Bruno Racault, CEO at ALL Circuits, Theo Saville, CEO at CloudNC and yesterday for SCOOP’s new senior partner Marco Annunziata. These are writers I consider to be among the most insightful in the industry, with a deep understanding of the current market and an innovative and exciting vision of the future. Thank you all for your contributions.

Mid week I got up at 5am to join EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll on his show, The EMS (Eric Micoll Show), along with Jason Spera of Aegis Software and Alex Chassels of Dorigo Systems. The show covered the execution of an Industry 4.0 strategy providing insight and advice along the way from one of the leading software providers and smart factory champions as well as a user who had experienced just what digital transformation could do. The show will be available on-demand on Monday of next week and would encourage anyone who considers manufacturing excellence to be important to watch it. 

Meanwhile the world continues to deal with the pandemic, the roll out of various vaccines, which comes with its own supply chain issues, and the challenge of semiconductor shortages. 

That’s the SCOOP this week…!

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