Webinar – The Hidden Costs of Supply Chain Unpredictability

RonJeanPhilSupply chain disruption is a reality that every company encounters. The coronavirus outbreak is just the latest example of volatility and unpredictability in the manufacturing world, and there will always be more to come.

Traditional supply chains are outdated and unprepared to deal with the volatility of the world. According to a recent study, 61% of companies say that risks to supply chains have increased over the last year, yet only 14% of companies are adequately moving supply lines based on expected and unexpected risks. Why are companies not planning for disruption? How should they be thinking about a more modernized supply chain, and what steps can they take to get there?

Fictiv are excited to host a live webinar on March 12th bringing together industry experts to answer the pressing questions that every company should be asking. Join Fictiv’s Chief Operating Officer, Jean Olivieri, Supply Chain Resources Group Founder, Ron Keith, and supply chain and manufacturing journalist, Philip Stoten, as they walk through the costs of unpreparedness, mitigating business risk, and building a supply chain for the future.

Register here and send in your questions to get the details you need to plan for unpredictability.