Compliance & Risks Webinar Registration: From a Tidal Wave of Regulations to a Compliant Product

It’s your last chance to register for our free webinar “From A Tidal Wave Of Regulations To A Compliant Product” on Wednesday, July 27th

Trish Butler (CMO) and Luis Torregrosa (Product Management Head) will showcase how C2P can help reduce the time (and increase the accuracy) of launching a new compliant product.

Our Experts and our Technology sift through thousands of sources so that you can easily discover and manage the few that apply to your product.


During the webinar, we will have an interactive Q&A session addressing hot topics including:

  • How our experts collect compliance across the world
  • How we integrate with others (Techstreet)
  • Relevance Increase
  • Searching and Filtering
  • Summaries
  • Adding your own Internal Policy
  • Approval Probability
  • Translation Services
  • And more.

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