ECIA and Lectrix Host Webinar on Managing Your Components Brand in Uncertain Times


Thursday, April 30 | 1:00 PM Eastern

Atlanta – ECIA will host a webinar April 30 featuring Lectrix CEO Graham Kilshaw, focused on brand management during an economic downturn.

To call Q2 2020 a period of uncertainty is an understatement. The economic downturn caused by an international health crisis has yanked the electronics industry with little warning from “business as usual” to “flatten the curve.” Social distancing requirements mean tradeshows, conferences, and other in-person events are cancelled for the foreseeable future, and slashed travel budgets and safety concerns may further delay a return to normal. Suddenly, many electronics companies’ primary means of showcasing their brand and promoting their products have been eliminated – leaving companies stranded.

This is a time when brands are made and lost, and a misstep in brand management can have disastrous, long term consequences. But lost business is not inevitable. Brands that recognize the true plight of their customers can take market share, grow mind share, and create companies that become truly memorable.

Join the webinar to examine the Do’s and Do Not’s of brand management in a downturn. Learn how three companies emerged stronger from periods of uncertainty by successfully marketing themselves while their competitors lessened their own efforts.

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