US to remove obstacles to defence, high-tech trade with India, NSA adviser Sullivan says

NEW DELHI – The United States is set to remove obstacles that prevent smoother trade with India in critical areas such as defence and high technology, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday.

SOURCE: Reuters

Washington sees New Delhi as a vital partner in its efforts to push back against China’s expanding influence worldwide, even though the two democracies differ on how to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Sullivan is in India to make final preparations for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s June 22 state visit to Washington, a trip that is being billed as a milestone in relations between the two democracies.

“As we look ahead to the state visit Prime Minister Modi will be embarking upon in Washington next week… a number of the deliverables at the visit are not just bullet points on a page,” Sullivan told a meeting of business and industry in New Delhi.

“They are fundamentally designed to remove those obstacles in defence trade, in high-tech trade, in investment in each of our countries, in taking away obstacles that have stood in the way of our scientists and researchers.”


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