UP Media Announces Registration Open for PCB West 2019

ATLANTA, GA – UP Media Group Inc. announced registration for this year’s PCB West conference is now open, and the conference has been extended to four days.

PCB West, the largest conference and exhibition for printed circuit board design, fabrication and assembly in the Silicon Valley, will feature 59 presentations, of which 41 will be at least two hours long. A total of 20 will be half-day workshops (3.5 hours) and five will be full-day tutorials (seven hours).

“From a record number 88 abstracts submitted, we selected 59 that we think represent the breadth and depth of information designers and design engineers need for the boards of today and tomorrow,” said Mike Buetow, conference chairman. “They represent the cutting edge of advanced component packages, flex design, noise control, and very high-speed design.

“Our all-day program features tutorials on PCB stackup design and materials selection, very high-speed differential signals, understanding the IPC standards, and basics of PCB design, among others. For the first time in years, Rick Hartley, Eric Bogatin and Lee Ritchey will all present at PCB West. Indeed, a fourth day has been added to the conference to accommodate the longer sessions.”

For the eighth consecutive year all booths have been sold for the popular exhibition, UPMG added. The September 2018 event attracted nearly 2,000 attendees.

PCB West 2019 will be held September 9-12 in Santa Clara, CA. The event includes a four-day technical conference and one-day exhibition, to be held at the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center.

Now in its 28th year, this year’s show will feature 110 booths showcasing the leading companies in the PCB industry, including the top CAD and CAM vendors and top names in printed circuit fabrication and electronics assembly.

PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB and CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY magazines are media partners for the event.

For information about attending, visit pcbwest.com.

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