UK-based Industrial Computing Provider Amplicon Launches Engineering Web Services

Amplicon announces the launch of a new web section for the industrial and automation industry

The newly developed Amplicon Engineering Services site has been designed to provide visitors with an easy way to learn about the range of engineering services and solutions Amplicon can offer and to showcase its extensive cutting edge facilities and skills.

The section features a fully responsive design offering an optimized browser experience across all devices, including tablets and smartphones. This allows the visitor to reach the content in a simple and user-friendly manner from work or on the go.

The section incorporates a modern style, look and feel. In addition, both the structure and the content of the site is presented in a tidy and condensed format, profiling the Amplicon areas of expertise and reflecting the core strengths of its unique offering. From manufacturing and custom cabinets to network design and installation, users will find all the information they need to assist them with their next project.

Amplicon will be constantly updating the content with helpful information, case studies, company announcements and customer reviews in the testimonials section, all to improve the visitor experience.


Miriam Bernal, Marketing Manager at Amplicon said, “We are thrilled to have introduced a website that offers our customers a seamless multi-device experience in a fresh and modern style. Our goal was to showcase our extensive knowledge and capabilities in a clear and concise manner giving current and prospective customers a precise vision of how they can benefit from working with Amplicon at the front end of their projects. We have seen an immediate increase in engineering enquiries reassuring our brand and communications strategy matches the current industry demands.”

To visit Amplicon Engineering Services website click here


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