Aegis Software’s FactoryLogix a major step on Melecs journey towards Industry 4.0

The business division industry a division of Melecs Holding GmbH, a European-based turnkey electronics services provider, today announced its decision to implement Aegis Software’s FactoryLogix MES technology to enhance the company’s Industry 4.0 capability and provide even more sophisticated solutions to its customers.

With clients in the automotive, communications, industrial, lighting and consumer sectors, Melecs has a constant focus on quality and manufacturing efficiency, factors which were key drivers in its selection of FactoryLogix.

Opting to incorporate several FactoryLogix modules including NPI, Production, Logistics and xLinks, Melecs can now integrate the data generated by FactoryLogix with its existing ERP system to analyse near real-time material consumption and drive targeted purchases where material is needed the most. The completely closed-loop, automated functionality is precisely the efficiency Melecs was looking for and a huge leap forward toward a fully-automated, highly-productive factory.

“Our aim is to operate with extreme production flexibility, as we serve a high-mix customer base, “explains Dr. Werner Haas, Head of Business Division Industry.  “Therefore, we wanted to reduce the quality and cost tradeoffs often inherent with the introduction of production variants or last-minute changes.  FactoryLogix eliminates these factors by supplying operators with the latest production data in real-time.  In addition, full traceability, serial and batch number logging, and reporting on performed testing is required and must be recorded in digital form.  FactoryLogix manages all of this and more, making our operation exponentially more efficient and effective.”

Since installing FactoryLogix, Melecs has increased manufacturing flexibility, moved closer to Industry 4.0 expectations, has full traceability and component management, improved quality control and has realised significant time savings and inventory costs.

“FactoryLogix provides all of the necessary manufacturing process tools,” says Haas in conclusion.  “With material management, paperless work instructions, seamless interfaces to machines for data recording and programming, traceability, real time dashboards and direct communication with SAP, we have a solid foundation for meeting Industry 4.0 principles”