TTI Offers Harwin’s EMC Shield Cans

Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components offers Harwin’s simple and easy to use solution to help you with your on-board EMI/RFI challenges. The most recent development is the range of mini cans and clips that sit alongside the already highly successful standard range.

Harwin’s EMC shield cans complement Harwin’s range of shield can clips for fast assembly and reliable RFI protection. The clip and can combination remove the need for secondary hand soldering operations, saving on production time and costs while eliminating the risk of heat damage. Available in nine standard sizes that are readily in stock for fast delivery.

The cans are secured into position with a simple push-action and can be removed at any time for cleaning and network. The mechanically robust, simple five-sided box design saves costs when compared to fence and cover style. Manufactured from nickel silver to ensure solid screening.

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