Toshiba Machine’s IREX launches

Industrial robot distributor, TM Robotics has assisted in the launch of Toshiba Machine’s THE400 SCARA robot, which was unveiled at the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) 2017. The biennial show was held on November 29 to December 2, at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. Alongside the new SCARA model, Toshiba Machine demonstrated its robot programming tool, 3D vision software and models from its 6-axis range.

Hosting more than 300 exhibitors, IREX is the largest robot trade show in the world. The show provides a platform for robot manufacturers to showcase their latest innovations and demonstrate their technology to the show’s 100,000 visitors.

IREX 2017 saw the launch of Toshiba Machine’s THE400 SCARA model — a high-speed robot designed to help manufacturers meet increasing time-to-market pressures. Toshiba Machines demonstration showcased the machine’s fast-cycle automation using a live action display of the robot completing insert movements, as well as circular and linear interpolation movements.

The THE400 is one of Toshiba Machine’s extensive range of SCARA robots. The company also exhibited two industrial robots from the powerful TH-A selection, which is specifically marketed for high speed and heavy payload applications. The TH1050A and TH1200A, the two of the largest in this model type, were on show demonstrating how they could support a 20kg payload and communicate with each other to avoid collisions.

The company’s THL500 SCARA model was also on display, which is marketed to price and energy conscious users.

Toshiba Machine’s TVM range, part of its 6-axis offering, was also on display at the show. IREX’s demonstration included the TVM1200, the mid-sized model in the TVM range. The TVM1200 is capable of achieving a maximum reach of 1418mm, against a 15kg maximum payload. The show also exhibited the unique TVM900, a hybrid in its class with an impressive 20kg payload and a 1100mm reach.

The vertically articulated robot was combined with Toshiba Machine’s latest 3D vision system, TSVision3D — the combination of the passive imaging system with the 6-axis robot demonstrates the systems capabilities as an automated 3D bin-picking application.

“One of the overwhelming things about IREX is the sheer density of visitors,” explained Nigel Smith, managing director at TM Robotics. “The huge number of attendees provides the ideal opportunity for us to showcase our SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robot ranges and, importantly, the functionality of the accompanying software.

“Our new generation robot programming tool, TSAssist was demonstrated alongside the machines at this years show. The software provides powerful assistance to all types of automation, including planning, installation and enhancement. We’re proud of the easy operation of TSAssist, and IREX provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate this functionality in action.”