ECIA’s The Channel Channel Podcast Introduces CEO David Loftus

Atlanta – ECIA posted the latest episode of The Channel Channel podcast, an interview with David Loftus, its new President and CEO. The conversation covers David’s background and vision for the future of the Association.

With over 35 years of experience in the electronic components industry, Mr. Loftus has served in a broad range of senior executive positions, including Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Maxim Integrated, Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales and Applications for Cypress Semiconductor, Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales and Corporate Marketing for Intersil Corporation, Vice President & General Manager for Spartan Products for Xilinx Inc. In addition, Mr. Loftus served in Hong Kong from 2002 to 2005 as Vice President & Managing Director – Xilinx Asia Pacific.

“I look forward to continuing to contribute to this industry, which I am very passionate about,” Loftus explains in the podcast. “This industry has had the most significant impact on how we live, work and play of any industry in history. If you look at how far we’ve come just in the 35 years of my career, from programming Fortran using keypunch cards to having incredible computing power in a smart phone. Joining ECIA gives me the opportunity to continue to engage that passion in a productive way.”

Departing CEO Bill Bradford asks David about how he came to this point in his career and what he sees as the ECIA activities that are most likely to improve member companies’ efficiencies. “Every one of our constituency groups, whether component manufacturer, distributor or manufacturers’ rep, over the past decade has been feeling the effects of the intense margin squeeze,” he commented. “We as an Association must do more to increase efficiencies for the common good of our members.” He then asks David to share his current thinking about objectives and goals for the Association. The resulting discussion covers plans for GIPC, his impressions of the Board structure and what else can be done to build on the work of the past few years.

Spend the time listening to this valuable podcast to get to know ECIA’s new CEO.