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The Road Ahead for the European PCB Industry with Nicolas Schweizer, CEO of Schweitzer Electronic

Imagine a future where the PCB industry thrives in Europe. That’s the vision of Nicolas Schweizer, CEO of Schweizer Electronic, who joins Philip Stoten to explore the potential of the European PCB industry. We dissect the crucial need for ramping PCB production domestically and the hurdles imposed by a shortage of skilled workforce.

Delving into the realm of automation and artificial intelligence, Nicolas paints a picture of an industry poised for evolution. But what about the regulatory landscape? With Europe’s regulatory environment tightening its grip, how will international investors respond? Nicolas Schweizer doesn’t shy away from discussing the burden of bureaucratic red tape that can deter growth. As we inch closer to 2024, the conversation around these challenges intensifies. Get ready to unpack the complexities and potential of the European PCB industry with us.

Tune in to this discussion full of insights and forward-looking perspectives. PCB@C-Level was hosted at productronica 2023 by Adeon technologies – https://www.adeon.nl Like every episode of EMS@C-Level, this one was sponsored by global inspection leader Koh Young (https://www.kohyoung.com) and Adaptable Automation Specialist Launchpad.build (https://launchpad.build).

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