PCBAA calls on Congressional appropriators to increase DPAI funding for microelectronics.

New Reports from DoD and Congress Call for More American Microelectronic Manufacturing, but Congress must do more

David Schild, Executive Director of the Printed Circuit Board Association of America (PCBAA) issued the following statement:

“Report after report coming out of Washington highlights our overreliance on Asia for microelectronics and the pressing need to make more printed circuit boards and substrates in America. The current situation puts our national and economic security at risk. Congress and other agencies of government must act to reduce our dependency on foreign nations for the components that power national security and critical infrastructure systems.”
Printed circuit boards are prioritized in a December 12, 2023 report from the House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party:
  • Of 150 recommendations #1 is to strengthen domestic manufacturing of printed circuit boards and reduce reliance on adversary nations for microelectronics
Department of Defense:
The recently released National Defense Industrial Strategy focuses on creating resilient supply chains including microelectronics. The DoD has identified the need to expand domestic production and invest in a skilled workforce.
Congress has also obligated approximately $150 million for investments in microelectronics using the Defense Production Act. Two recent awards include:
While these actions are helpful, America needs to make a sustained, robust investment in manufacturing the microelectronics that power all aspects of modern life. PCBAA and IPC have jointly called on Congressional appropriators to increase DPAI funding for microelectronics.
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