The Reading Room – What’s the SCOOP?


By Philip Spagnoli Stoten Founder of SCOOP

After hijacking a space on EMSNOW’s homepage while I guest edited the publication, their esteemed editor, Jennifer Read, has kindly allowed me back on a weekly basis to

share some of what I am watching, reading and even listening to. So, here’s a few things I’ve enjoyed this week, some of which you will see among my regular posts on LinkedIn.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: IPC’s Emerging Engineer program, launched in 2016, provides engineers early in their careers the opportunity to learn about the industry from dedicated IPC volunteers participating in standards development. Help Build Industry’s Future: Be a Part of IPC’s Emerging Engineer Program

PODCAST OF THE WEEK:For a quick fix of tech news, try the Wall Street Journal’s, Tech News Briefing, delivered daily.

That’s it until next week! For more regular musing connect or follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.