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By Philip Spagnoli Stoten Founder of SCOOP

Now in a regular Friday spot, this is the Reading Room, a weekly roundup of what we’ve been reading, watching and listening to. You can see these updates even more regularly if you follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • It’s not easy being a supply chain manager right now. Here’s “8 Market Forces Creating Complexity” from Jabil VP of Global Supply Chain, Joe McBeth.
  • Read about “James Dyson’s Costly Decision to Kill His Electric Car”, as the 72-year-old British inventor speaks exclusively to Fortune on the death of his passion project.
  • Relativity Space may have the biggest metal 3D printers in the world, and they’re cranking out parts to reinvent the rocket industry here, and on Mars. Take a look in the video of the week section below and in the WIRED feature entitled “Massive, AI-Powered Robots Are 3D-Printing Entire Rockets
  • In a similar vein, SpaceX has Unveiled a Massive Rocket Prototype, according to Thomas Insight.
  • And if space is too far, how about Flying Sportscars? Porsche, Boeing Team Up on Planes in Future Urban Mobility Race. Porsche and Boeing Co. are joining forces to push into the nascent area of urban flights with a plan for a high-end machine capable of vertical takeoff and landing. The pair will create a team to explore the market potential for premium flying vehicles, they said Thursday after signing an initial pact. Work will involve engineers from Boeing unit Aurora Flight Sciences and the testing of a prototype.
  • Despite the mounting trade war pressure on factories to seek cheaper countries to operate in, most southeast Asian countries can’t compete with China’s technology levels and developed supply chains. And Moving Factories Out of China Is a Very Slow Process, IIF Says.

 We’ve edited and posted a few more videos from SMTAi, take a look below or on our YouTube channel.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: 760, 000 people have viewed this video entitled “These Engineers Want to 3D Print an Entire Rocket in 60 Days” on YouTube.

PODCAST OF THE WEEK: Check out this from the charismatic Marco Annunziata and Michael Leifman entitled, Macro Micro Michael Marco & Startups at the Edge (M4Edge)


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