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The Reading Room – My Final Day

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by Philip Spagnoli Stoten

Wow, it’s my last day at the editor’s desk! For two weeks, while Jennifer took a well-earned break, I’ve been guest editor on EMSNOW. I’ve been taking the liberty of posting some daily musings. My day typically starts with my own “reading room”, a review of my favorite news sources, including this publication. Here’s what caught my eye over my morning coffee on my last day at the helm.

Maybe the reading room will be back as feature if Jennifer approves, or maybe I am in big trouble! Either way, I’ve enjoyed it, I hope you have too!

  • India has long fascinated me. Why has it failed to compete with China as an EMS location, many of the dynamics seem compelling? Perhaps it’s infrastructure or political will? Either way, apparently, Foxconn Is Weeks from Trial Run to Make Newest iPhones in India, a significant development.
  • I am always delighted to see when an industry superstar resurfaces with a new gig. Thus, I was very happy to see Caroline Dowling, former business Group President of Flex is speaking at Tech Summit 2019, in Cork, Ireland, next month. The event has a great line up, but it is worth the trip just to see Caroline!
  • In my quest to understand all things supply chain I regularly dip into EBNonline. Today, Efficient & Effective Warehousing Leads to a Successful Supply Chain, by Megan R. Nichols caught my eye. Well worth a read!
  • Choosing when to invest in technology, particularly something the size of digital transformation, can be daunting. Any additional dilemmas just exacerbate the situation. Check out this piece in Forbes by Michael Mandel, entitled ‘Digital Manufacturing Has a China Dilemma’


It’s been an enjoyable spell at Jennifer’s desk, but I am placing the reins back in her capable hands.

Read more, watch more, know more – that’s the SCOOP!