The Industry Continues to Recognize Koh Young Innovations with Multiple Technology Awards

Atlanta, GA – Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, continues to secure awards for its product innovations. This time Koh Young received two Mexico Technology Awards for the KY-P3 Automated Pin Inspection (API) system and our KSMART Process Control Software

“The two most recent awards from industry experts are a testament about our dedication to improve production quality and improve the lives of our customers,” said Brent Fischthal, Senior Manager of Americas Marketing and Regional Sales at Koh Young America. “What’s more, these awards come shortly after our new Neptune DPI [Dispense Process Inspection] was recognized separately for its own technological innovation.”

Koh Young pioneered True3D measurement technology 20-years ago to create a zero-defect future by introducing industry first solutions for Solder Paste Inspection (SPI). Since then we have been setting the bar with countless other industry first innovations for SPI, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and other inspection and measurement solutions for semiconductors and machined parts.

Built on world-class True3D AOI technology from Koh Young, the KY-P3 Series breaks through barriers associated with inspecting products with a mix of components and pins. The KY-P3 lineup provides an automated back-end solution combining advanced high-resolution optics and innovative AI-powered vision algorithms for single pin, press-fit, and final optical inspection, as well as for pins in shrouded connector, while also inspecting traditional surface mount devices (SMDs) – on the same circuit board. Typically, manufacturers required two separate machines for SMDs and pins, but the enhanced KY-P3 Series reduces machine investment by delivering a two-in-one solution for most mixed technology applications.

Incorporating the world’s first full 3D quad-projection probe, the system delivers shadow-free measurement of SMDs and pins up to 25mm tall. Additionally, the “Stop-and-Go” movement allows it to capture 3D measurement data without system vibration, image stitching, or data interpolation. The KY-P3s deliver reliable 3D measurement results with ±0.75% height accuracy.

In addition to traditional SMD inspection, KY-P3s measure pin height, presence, absence, Pin-to-CAD center offset), absolute and shoulder height, as well as coplanarity. It measures the critical distance (CDM) between features in absolute and relative terms, plus inner and outer wall distances, and fork pin separation. Because it uses a quantitative True3D™ measurement-based approach, KY-P3 accuracy and repeatability is unsurpassed.

The drive to use the Koh Young inspection and measurement data from the KY-P3 and other systems to improve production, gave rise to KSMART process control software. Using Artificial Intelligence to help automate process control, KSMART focuses on data management, analysis, and optimization to boost productivity, improve quality, and minimize costs.

KSMART revolutionizes process optimization with interlinking software modules. As a process changes or Koh Young develops new modules, manufacturers simply implement the modules as needed.

KSMART collects data from across the factory for defect detection, real-time optimization, enhanced decisions, and traceability to improve metrics, increase quality, and lower costs. KSMART is the Gateway to a Smart Factory. You can learn more about Koh Young and its best-in-class solutions by visiting