The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) – Supply Chain Update With Dale Ford, ECIA And Jeff Ray, TTI

This episode of the Eric Miscoll Show finds Eric and Philip Stoten discussing electronic component inventory issues with ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford and Jeff Ray, SVP Global Strategic Accounts, TTI. They unpack where we are on the semiconductor cycle, results from the latest WSTS and ECIA survey data, what to expect from the next few quarters, and why we can’t seem to get forecast demand and actual demand aligned well enough to prevent the bullwhip effect from causing major upheavals every few years. They discuss what’s different this time and what is aligned with historical patterns.

The guests ponder whether there is reason to be optimistic or whether that outlook is naive considering the headwinds of labor issues, geopolitical upheaval, higher cost of capital, and so on. It’s a fascinating discussion with valuable insights for anyone trying to plan for 2024.

The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) is sponsored by Koh Young America and Panasonic Connect.

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