Super Dry Totech Floor Life Reset Cabinets Win Global Technology Award

Moisture Sensitive Device (MSD) handling specialist, Super Dry Totech announces that it was awarded the 2017 Global Technology Award in the category of “Storage Systems” for its XSDR Floor Life Reset Cabinets. The award was presented to the company, a member of the ASYS Group, on Tuesday November 14th during a ceremony at the Productronica exhibition in Munich, Germany. Productronica is the world’s premier electronics manufacturing show and the Global SMT awards recognize leading innovations for electronics assembly identified by an international panel of judges.

“We are honored to be recognized for the XSDR for best in class in storage solutions,” said Jos Brehler, CEO Super Dry Totech. “This award again highlights our technical achievements, capability and dedication to developing the most advanced levels of storage and drying to overcome the issues of moisture damage and management of moisture sensitive components and PCB’s.”
XSDR ‘Floor Life Reset’ Cabinets from Super Dry® Totech bring an increased level of process control to multiple batch management of moisture sensitive devices. Using digital sensor technology and innovative software, the XSDR Cabinets can independently track the timing of 20 separate batches of components being reset at the same time. Two separate chambers, each with their own dry-unit and heater enable two different temperatures to be applied in the same cabinet, while dehumidifying to less than 1% RH. Both compartments feature dual wall insulated construction.

Component batch ID and MSL level are entered into the cabinet via touchscreen and reset times are either automatically calculated from standards, or entered manually. When the Floor Life time has been recovered, the user is notified, and the part is ready for use. All data can be tracked & recorded over time through an Ethernet connection and integrated software helping manufacturers on the path to achieving their Industry 4.0 goals.