ICAPE Group acquires LUSODABEL in Portugal

On September 14th, ICAPE Group acquired the renowned Portuguese PCB supplier LUSODABEL. Another move forward for the French-based company which establishes a strong footprint in this dynamic country.

Created in 1996, LUSODABEL has a long history in the PCB industry. With a turnover of €6.2M, the company serves 50 customers and based its business strategy on long-term relationships with great Portuguese names. Staffed with 7 employees and led by Vitoriano Fidalgo, a famous player in the electronic industry, LUSODABEL has built over the year excellent expertise able to offer very quick responses to all requests and challenges.

The Iberian Peninsula is a key market for ICAPE Group in Europe. In 2019, ICAPE Group opened a Business Unit in Barcelona to manage requests and customers from Spain and Portugal. With the addition of LUSODABEL, located in Lisbon, ICAPE Group will be able to create closer proximity for its customers, as explains Mr Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group :
“ Our global strategy has always been to create proximity with our customers and suppliers. It’s the reason why we created one of the largest services office of the PCB industry in Asia with more than 300 employees, at the heart of our factory network, and established a business unit staffed with local experts in each and every country that ICAPE Group covers. With LUSODABEL in Lisbon and our Business Unit in Barcelona, ICAPE Group will be able to offer a very fast answer to all Iberian customers and will benefit from the experience of a company present in the electronic industry for more than a quarter of a century. We are very happy to start a new era with this amazing team in Portugal.”

For LUSODABEL, ICAPE Group is a perfect opportunity to strengthen a growing trend and offer a higher level of service to its customers, as explains Mr Vitoriano Fidalgo, the founder of LUSODABEL :
“LUSODABEL is still a growing company, and we are convinced that joining ICAPE Group is a boost to develop our business and increase the level of services we offer to our customers. ICAPE Group has a very serious reputation with a long history in the PCB and technical parts industry. Joining our forces today means that our customers will be able to benefit from better options regarding PCB technologies, commodities, quality, and logistics. We are also very happy to enter their network and be able to provide our customers with the thrust that comes with their renowned worldwide organization, processes and expertise.”

LUSODABEL will continue to operate from its offices in Lisbon with its current team, under the new name of ICAPE-LUSODABEL, with the full support of the ICAPE Group organization.

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