SIIX Corp. Chooses Cogiscan to Help Achieve Global Digital Factory Initiative

We’re proud to announce a corporate-wide global traceability agreement with SIIX Corporation. As part of SIIX’s commitment to factory digitalization, the unification of a traceability solution across all manufacturing sites will allow them to better leverage material and production visibility as well as overall quality control and throughput.
“Working with multiple SIIX factories since 2017, I have had the honor of working closely with the SIIX team for many years. Witnessing the foundation and evolution of SIIX’s Digital Factory plan, I am very proud of Cogiscan’s commitment to provide top-class digital factory systems to help SIIX achieve this global initiative.”Yakko Feng, Regional Pre-Sales & Sales Manager, Cogiscan
As one of the world’s top 20 EMS companies, SIIX operates 50 locations in 14 different countries. With the Cogiscan traceability system currently installed in three of SIIX’s factories – in Mexico, China, and Indonesia – SIIX and Cogiscan have worked together on a site-by-site basis since 2015.

Due to the demonstrated success of Cogiscan’s traceability system and other process control applications, including SMT setup validation, in key manufacturing sites for SIIX, Cogiscan was an obvious partner to help further expand SIIX’s global digital factory initiative.

“We have been struggling to decide on a traceability system to meet customer requirements for all SIIX factories over the years, and we recently decided to unify across all factories as well as to standardize operations and continuous improvements globally.Cogiscan is the ideal choice for this multi-year endeavor not only because their technology proved to be both superior and reliable, but because we share similar business values as both companies prioritize trust and reliability for a strong partnership. Standardized traceability is a critical element toward our long-term digitalization journey and Cogiscan’s solution offers an open and solid foundation for our future needs.” Hiroaki Takagi, Director and Executive Officer Global Engineering, SIIX EMS
Cogiscan’s modular, flexible, and SMT-specific expertise in electronics manufacturing has uniquely positioned them as a global leader for factory digitalization. Supported by a robust connectivity and data management platform, Cogiscan’s system provides unparalleled access to the most complete and accurate reporting of the production process including material, product, and process details.

“We are both incredibly proud and honored to be chosen by SIIX as their preferred traceability provider globally. It’s an exciting new milestone in our partnership with SIIX, and I am very optimistic about what the future holds for our two companies in terms of collaboration and growth.” Michael Ho Director of Business Development, Cogiscan
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