Siemens and Cybord Bring Electronic Component Authenticity Validation to Electronics Manufacturing

Cybord joins Siemens’ open innovation program to leverage its component counterfeit detection technology with Siemens’ manufacturing execution system.

Herzliya, Israel – Cybord, a leader in electronic component authenticity detection technology, has been selected to participate in Siemens Dynamo, an open innovation program from Siemens Digital Industries Software in Israel. The Dynamo program brings manufacturing innovation from emerging companies to Siemens’ customers and partners. Selected companies work closely with Siemens’ relevant experts to develop a joint commercial offering within a 12-month timeframe.

Cybord’s electronic component provenance technology detects counterfeit, damaged and tampered electronic components right on the SMT assembly line by visually inspecting each component before it gets assembled. Using existing SMT machines’ cameras, artificial intelligence and big data, Cybord’s inspection technology requires no additional hardware.  The technology helps electronics OEMs build higher quality products that are free of hardware-based cyber-attacks and provides a new level of visibility and traceability into the supply chain.

“We believe that Cybord’s impressive technology constitutes a breakthrough in the field and will strengthen our capacity to ensure advanced, quality production,” says Michael Dulkin, who serves as Senior Director of Engineering and Technology at Flex EMEA, a world leader in electronics manufacturing services who has been evaluating Cybord’s technology.

Earlier this month, Cybord was awarded a significant budget by Israel’s Innovation Authority (IIA) to support its collaboration with Siemens. Cybord is the first Israeli startup to take advantage of Siemens’ Multinational Collaboration program with the IIA, signed in 2019.  This program is designed for ready-to-market technologies, that with the support of both the IIA and the Multinational Corporate involved, can accelerate the market validation phase, especially outside Israel.

“We have been following Cybord for more than a year now,” says Tovi Yadin, an Innovation Director at Siemens Digital Industries Software.  “We believe that Cybord has reached a level of maturity that can bring significant advantages to our customers. Traditional supply chain security methods such as paper trail auditing and statistical lab testing are not economical nor scalable.  Counterfeit components have a profound impact on long-term product reliability. Cybord’s technology lets OEMs and their contract manufacturers manufacture with confidence and with never-before-seen levels of quality and transparency.”

About Cybord
Founded in 2018, Cybord LTD develops AI-based technologies for electronic component inspection and traceability. Cybord’s solutions enable manufacturing of high quality, highly secure products for mission critical applications. Cybord was founded by Dr. Eyal Weiss, an acclaimed physics researcher who won multiple national security awards in Israel.