Season Group to Expand Sites in China and Mexico in 2022

Hong Kong – Season Group, an international electronics design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions provider, is most pleased to announce expansion plans for its two existing facilities in Dongguan, China and Reynosa, Mexico for 2022-2023. The expansion aims to increase Season Group’s operational capabilities for the coming year in response to raising demands for design engineering services, the International Procurement Office – situated in Season China – and for manufacturing solutions from Season Mexico.


On 12th September 2021, CEO of Season Group Mr. Carl Hung performed a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the construction of a new 4-storey office building for Season China. Construction will begin for the 43,594sq.ft. building in December 2021 and the new office is expected to begin operations in the first quarter of 2023.

The office space will allow Season Group to consolidate its global business solutions, including the enhancement of its International Procurement Office in China, and Season Group’s global supply chain, engineering and Value Analysis Value Engineering (VAVE) services. The office will also house design engineers from IoT-focused subsidiary SG Wireless Limited to support Season Group’s Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) strategy.


On 5th October 2021, Season Group submitted a Letter of Intent to lease a 82,000sq.ft. space for manufacturing use in a 162,500sq.ft. industrial building. This expansion would signify a 127% increase in manufacturing space for Season Mexico.

Like Season Group’s existing facility in Reynosa, the industrial building is located close to the Pharr Texas International Bridge – the main cargo fairway between Reynosa and the United States.

Season Mexico aims to begin operations in the third quarter of 2022. The new space will house production lines and equipment for SMT, wire harness, box build and plastic injection molding, the last of which will be a new capability for the Reynosa site.

With rising organic demand for Season Mexico and plastic injection molding-related orders, the new space aims to better allow Season Group’s Mexico presence to be a strong and strategic manufacturing option for international customers. Given that the intended lease is for part of the industrial building, further expansion is still possible if necessary.

On the two expansion projects, CEO of Season Group Mr. Carl Hung notes, “Season Group always strives for continuous improvement, and to delight our global customers. The expansion in China is driven by increased customer demand for more design and supply chain support, whilst our Mexico expansion is the result of both the US-China trade war and the escalating costs of transportation. We firmly believe in our China plus one strategy coupled with our design and vertical integration capabilities; these expansions reflect so directly.”

Season Groups looks forward to a robust 2022.

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