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Season Group appoints Global Culture Officer

Season Group, the global, vertically integrated EMS company, has announced a major change in its
organisation in support of its continual transformation. Randy Ziegenhagel, previously VP Business
Development, is moving to the position of Global Culture Officer.

Carl Hung, CEO of Season Group, said “As the company continues to grow internationally, we need to
ensure that we have a healthy organisation with a team that is fully aligned with the goals of the
business. We see organisational health as the responsibility of every leader within the company and
Randy will help each of those leaders to understand their role in making Season Group an envied place to
work, whilst ensuring that the alignment of our team delivers excellent business performance that
delights our customers.”

Carl further adds, “The fact that we’ve asked Randy to give up his previous role as VP of Business
Development, where he was extremely effective for us, to take on this culture role, shows its significance
to our company. This is not to be confused with an HR role. This role is specifically targeted to help
Season Group unleash the only remaining untapped competitive advantage in the world right now, which
is organizational health. For those who’ve met Randy, you will know that he eats, sleeps and breathes our
Core Values.”

Randy says “It is a joy for me to be part of a company that is so focused on organizational health. I have
witnessed the positive impact a strong culture has on its people, customers and suppliers. It definitely is
a differentiator – especially for an EMS manufacturer. I have also seen how quickly a company’s
organizational health becomes ill and dies when it no longer is a focus. Season Group has a great history
of caring for its people, and showing gratitude to their contributions, and Carl’s vision to take that to the
next level is going to be rewarding, and a lot of fun to be a part of.”

To learn more about us, and why we make the effort of having a Global Culture role as part of our team,
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