Anders Adds Capabilities Via Acquisition of Selectronic

Global integrated display product and solutions experts, Anders, announced today their acquisition of Selectronic, leaders in optoelectronics and active displays (

“The acquisition of Selectronic strengthens Anders position as a leader in the industry and will facilitate our growth and expansion in the displays, touch technologies, and embedded computing market.” Bernard Lim, Chair of the Board of Anders announced today.

Selectronic specialises in the design, development and supply of optoelectronic products, predominantly active displays and LEDs.   They intrinsically balance the needs of their customers alongside cutting-edge innovation to achieve the optimal product.  This can range from a dashboard display for a contemporary high-end vehicle to the most basic LED for a consumable hand-held device.

“Welcoming Selectronic into the Anders family offers an exciting opportunity for us to strengthen and expand our portfolio in terms of the latest technologies, capabilities, and capacity.” Paul Mullen, General Manager of Anders explains.  “With an excellent track record of optoelectronics and active displays, and a range of high-end, high-reliability and high-profile customers, the acquisition of Selectronic supports our vision and strategy for continued growth and development, enabling us to offer a broader range of technology, engineering services, and products to meet our customers’ current and future needs”

Kelvin Stark,  Sales Director, Selectronic added; We are excited to join the Anders team and with our complementary product and service portfolios, we will be able to expand our global reach and strengthen our supply chain.  This will benefit all of our customers greatly, as they will be able to leverage off of our increased capabilities and supply chain.”

For over 6o years, Anders has built a stellar reputation in the industry as the go-to company for display and embedded technology.  This acquisition will add and enhance:

  • Breadth to the company’s overall product portfolio.
  • Depth to the range of engineering solutions and services accessible to their valued customers.
  • Scope to enter new markets, industries, and geographies.
  • Scale with the ability to offer customers an end-to-end supply chain solution throughout their entire production lifecycle with operational efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence built in.
  • Speed with manufacturing operations in China, logistics facilities in The Netherlands, and design and engineering resources in the UK and Italy, Anders is able to operate across multiple time-zones, in their customers’ local language and culture, making business with Anders simple and agile, with an integrated robust supply chain solution throughout.

About Anders

Anders Electronics plc. is a display and embedded display design specialist, dedicated to making electronic touchscreen technologies simpler and more enjoyable to use.

Over 60 years ago, Anders started designing, developing, and delivering customised solutions, for the non-consumer industry, and haven’t stopped innovating since! Anders features a history of reliability and innovation and lives to solve display engineering challenges.

Anders harnesses its expertise in display, embedded computing and touch technologies to help differentiate its customer’s products through exceptional design, engineering and supply chain management.

Anders, the people behind the screen.

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