Scienscope Demonstrates Commitment to Customer Service with the Appointment of Jess Valderrama

Chino, CA — January 2018 — Scienscope International, an American supplier of cabinet style micro-focus X-ray systems, is pleased to announce that it has made a major commitment to customer service with the appointment of Jess Valderrama to Technical Service Manager, effective Nov. 1, 2017.  Valderrama is a highly trained and experienced service engineer who has been working in the aerospace industry for more than 20 years prior to joining Scienscope.

Recently, Valderrama graduated from The Devry Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.  As a manager of the Technical Support Department of Scienscope, Valderrama will share his expertise and supervise the production and services of Scienscope capital equipment, while leading the team to better serve Scienscope customers nationwide. Additionally, he will provide remote support to Scienscope’s teams in Europe and South America.

Valderrama brings organizational expertise from his decades of experience at Lockheed Martin. His combination of knowledge of process, customer service and team leadership will be directed at enhancing Scienscope’s “customer first” strategy, and will allow him to polish all after-sales aspects of servicing customers.

Eddy Lin, Scienscope’s owner and president commented, “We recognize that customer service is the single most important aspect of the total customer experience, and we have dedicated ourselves to a ‘customer first’ strategy. The addition of Jess to our team marks a significant step towards achieving our goals.”

Jess Valderrama expanded on Lin’s comments, stating, “My organizational experience has prepared me to deliver on our goal of total customer satisfaction here at Scienscope. The combination of our technical team members and our commitment to a ‘customer first’ strategy creates an opportunity for all of us to excel and give customers the ownership experience they desire.”

Jess can be reached at or 909-590-7273.

For more information, please email Scienscope at, call 1-800-216-1800 or visit


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