Eurocircuits Invests €5 Million in European Factories for Faster Turnaround Times

Since the formation of Eurocircuits in May 1991 it was clear to the owners Luc and Dirk that continuous investment was key to the success of the company.

And since then they have invested in all areas of the company from new factories, manufacturing and test equipment, internal software development, customer support and people.

This year (2019) sees a new level of investment of 5 million Euros, something both Luc and Dirk are very excited about.

Why Invest so much?

The simple answer is to meet the demand for our services from our customers.

But there is more to it than that, our customers need ever faster deliveries of their prototypes and small series PCBs so that they can meet their Time-to-Market challenges.

For example, this year we reduced our standard delivery from seven to three working days for our PCB Proto service to meet customer demands. We also introduced our 3+3 service, offering Prototype PCBs Manufactured in three days and Assembled in three days.

And these new and improved services are only possible with the level of investment we have made.

Where did we Invest?

A major part of the investment was to improve and expand our Assembly service.

We also invested in our PCB Production and Software Development as this drives our DFM process and Visualizers.

Why Such a Large Investment in Assembly?

Around two years ago Eurocircuits introduced their prototype and small series Assembly service as a response to customer and market demand.

Our customers basically said “ok, we have been ordering PCBs from you for years, but we need more” and thus we introduced the Assembly service.

Since then, the demand for our Assembly service has skyrocketed and we knew already in 2018 that a large investment would be required to meet this ever-increasing demand.

In 2019 (Jan-Oct) our Assembly service has already handled more than 3.500 orders from over 1.100 customers, this compares to 1.700 orders from 670 customers for the whole of 2018.