RUSH PCB Introduces Portal to allow buyers to quote and order PCBs in less than 10 minutes

San Jose: Abker Roy, President of Rush PCB,  has announced the release of a new  system for buying PCBs.  The new system called PCB Portal provides autonomous quoting and ordering of PCBs in less than 3o minutes. It also provides the customer with a real time order tracking system via Text or WhatsApp.

The PCB Portal is an easy to use intuitive tool to calculate  PCB prices and delivery times and orders with just a few clicks. Describing the tool, Mr. Roy said, “Imagine this, a customer can come to the PCB Portal on our site, and quote just about any board, just about any quantity  and just about any delivery time and get a quote in a matter of minutes. And then place the order with us immediately! No hassles or worries. Then. and this is what I think is the best part of PCB Portal,  they will get constant real time updates of where their order is in the system.

These updates come to the customer automatically by either Text or WhatsApp. And the systems will also track the entire history of the order including when the order was placed, and if it was put on hold for any reason. By the way when an order is put on hold the system notes the time the order was on hold and recalibrates  a new date instantly. We feel that our new system is going to revolutionize board buying.”

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