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Dynamic EMS announce their strategic intent to focus on ways to accelerate time in results

At a recent electronics manufacturing industry event, Peter Birrell, Operations Director, Dynamic EMS, spoke out about the company’s strategic plans to evolve into an end-to-end supply chain partner, focussed on accelerating their Original Equipment Makers (OEMs) time-to-market and time-in-results enabling scale, scope, and speed.

Dynamic EMS [] a U.K. based Electronics Manufacturing Service provider [EMS], recently shared their exciting news about how they plan to transition from their current traditional EMS model to one that proactively positions them with their OEMs partners as their supply chain and product solutions architect, from design to development, through to distribution.

Mr. Peter Birrell stated; “As a complete end-to-end solutions provider throughout the entire production lifecycle, from product realisation, through to product fulfilment, we will add real value to the overall product solution and experience.

The EMS business model and normal service offerings have evolved, therefore the relationship between the EMS provider and OEM customer must also transform. In relation to market intelligence, there needs to be an evolution towards the in-built ability to inherently offer scale, scope, and speed throughout the entire production journey.

At Dynamic EMS, we believe that change is a business essential and adaptation to the market environment is crucial, which is why we invested our resources to understand the key industry drivers for both our established OEMs and Developmental OEM customers’. Whilst from a manufacturing starting point their needs are different, all our technology customers have a similar set of industry challenges:

The need to focus on their core competencies to ensure that their next generation pipeline meets an aggressive launch target = speed
The need to reduce their supply chain risks, by simplifying the entire process to remove excess touchpoints that may be delicate, or may slow down the process = speed
The need to leverage in-house skills. Here in the U.K, we have 60+ years of engineering and manufacturing experience = speed
The need to flexibly scale in a responsive way. Forecasts fluctuate, that is the nature of EMS, but there is an increased need for OEMs to partner with an EMS provider who can scale rapidly = speed

Therefore, our increased focus is to strategically concentrate on systems and solutions, to accelerate our OEM customers time -to-results and time-in-profit. We are Dynamic. OEMs need to bridge the gap between technology advancements and capabilities, and this is why more and more OEMs are looking for their EMS partner to provide them with a competitive advantage through supply chain mastery, efficiency, and simplicity.

It’s an exciting time to be at Dynamic EMS, and a stimulating time to be in the technology industry. Innovation is at an all-time high, it’s everywhere you look. It feels like every day we are talking to either an existing customer or a new bright spark business about fresh new ideas that really empower and enhance our lives. That’s why we need to be Dynamic!”

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