RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc. celebrating 40 years of Innovation and Excellence

Lewiston, MN – RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in electronic and electromechanical assembly, proudly celebrates the 40th anniversary of the RiverSide name this March.

Founded in 1984 as RiverSide Electronics, Ltd. in the garage of one of its owners, the company started with a vision for contract manufacturing of electromechanical assemblies. In 1988, RiverSide Electronics expanded into its current warehouse location in Lewiston, MN, intensifying its focus on electronic manufacturing, particularly in PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly).

The journey continued in 1995 with the establishment of RiverStar Electronics, Ltd. This subsidiary was created to offer comprehensive services such as packaging, kitting, testing, repair and distribution. The diversification strategy proved successful, positioning RiverSide as a versatile player in the industry.

In 2007, RiverBend Electronics, Ltd. was introduced to address the growing demand for low-volume electronic manufacturing, material risk management and unique customized solutions. This move underscored the company’s commitment to staying ahead of market trends and providing tailored solutions to its clients.

In a transformative move in 2020, RiverSide Electronics, RiverStar Electronics, and RiverBend Electronics merged to operate under a single entity, now known as RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc. This consolidation allowed the company to streamline its operations and present a unified front in offering all-encompassing solutions for electronic and electromechanical assemblies, with a pronounced emphasis on PCBA work.

As RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc. commemorates four decades of the RiverSide legacy, it proudly stands as a beacon of innovation, reliability and commitment to quality. With a workforce exceeding 300 employees in the Southeast Minnesota region, the company continues to be a driving force in the electronic manufacturing sector.

The 40th-anniversary celebration is a testament to RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc.’s enduring legacy and its dedication to exceeding customer expectations. The company looks forward to the future with optimism, anticipating further milestones and continued success in the dynamic world of electronic and electromechanical assembly.


About RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc.

RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic and electromechanical assembly solutions, specializing in PCB assembly and offering comprehensive services for diverse industries. With 40 years of experience, the company continues to drive innovation and deliver high-quality, customized solutions to its clients.

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