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Printed Circuit Broker Elmatica establishes a presence in South Africa

Due to increased business and a demand for closer technical assistance from our customers in their development process, Printed Circuit Broker Elmatica has allocated resources to support the growing market in South Africa.

“We keep expanding into new markets, both Turkey and South Africa has increased in activity, business and interest. In South Africa alone we had an impressive 245 % sales increase compared to 2016. We also notice that our South African customers appreciate a firmer presence in relation to technical support. This has strengthened our decision towards immediately establishing a temporary department there,” says CEO of Elmatica Didrik Bech.

“Elmatica has over the last year been an active partner in dozens of new projects in South Africa. We have experienced that our concept of total transparency as to what we do, combined with knowledge sharing in regard to elements as e.g. design, optimization, and compliance, is something our South African partners appreciate.

“When asked by our customers, to analyze challenges on Printed Circuits from other suppliers, we have, to our big surprise examples of non existence of COC, no origin of factory, adjustment of factory between deliveries (an action which would have serious consequences in our company) and unclear marking, which results in poor traceability,” says Bech. “We are committed to providing full transparency.  Some of our customers in South Africa are not used to suppliers providing this,” he says.

Plan to establish a permanent team

“We plan to establish a permanent and dedicated team in South Africa, due to a high demand for Printed Circuits, knowledge about the necessary technology, processes, and compliance. When it will happen, is at the current moment not determined,” says Bech.

One of the company’s Swedish Country Managers, Mikael Jansson, has been temporarily relocated from Stockholm to South Africa; it works well since Sweden and South Africa are in the same time zone.

“Business is running as normal for Mikael’s customers, the only change will be a more exotic ringtone when reaching out to him,” says Bech with a smile.

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