Presto Engineering Expands Its European Sales Network to Germany

San Jose, CA, USA — 2 July 2018 – Presto Engineering has announced that it has further expanded its European Sales network with the appointment of Stefan Büchmann and Chris Berg as its representatives in Germany.
Martin Kingdon, Presto’s VP of Sales, said, “Germany is one of the largest markets for us in the EU with leadership in many areas such as Industrial, IoT, factory, smart city and automotive, which match our areas of strength. In particular, we have a rapidly growing customer base in automotive not only with Tier 1 manufacturers but also with the important new sector of new companies entering this market with innovative solutions for hybrid and electric cars.
“Their challenge is meeting the demanding standards required for automotive devices which is where Presto can help as we have the largest testing facility in Europe. In addition, we offer a complete chip realisation service of taking a chip design through all the stages of manufacturing and test to the final logistics of delivery to customers. This is a complex process that requires experience to manage through all the stages and many don’t have this so we can handle the entire chip production process for them. This leaves them free to focus on the chip design and sales where their true expertise lies.”
Stefan Büchmann added, “Christian and I cover Germany, Austria and the German part of Switzerland to provide face to face support for Presto customers. As we are native German speakers, we can ensure that the customers’ requirements are precisely met at all times. We have both worked in the electronics industry for many years and can draw on this expertise to help ensure that the process runs smoothly.”
Martin Kingdon, concluded, “Providing a high quality of service for customers has always been our highest priority. This appointment expands Presto’s sales support coverage of Europe to a team of now six, fully dedicated sales personnel.”
Stefan Büchmann has a degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked in senior sales roles at Cadence Design Systems, Mentor Graphics, MIPS Technologies, mimoOn and Synopsys.
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