Small but Powerful – New High Intensity, Compact LED-UV Curing Spot Lamp

Techsil introduce the newly launched Hönle LED Spot 40 IC.  The LED Spot 40 IC (Integrated Controller) was developed for adhesive curing applications where the emitted light of a LED point source is just not enough for a completely uniform cure but a standard flood unit would be oversized. The compact LED Spot 40 IC is perfectly designed for smaller areas where the high intensity LED emitter provides reliable, consistent and homogenous curing of the UV adhesive.

This LED-UV device can be selected to emit light in the wavelengths 365, 385, 395, 405 and 460nm, to suit the specific resin being cured; and reaches an intensity of up to 5.000mW/cm² @ 405nm.

Its square high intensity light-emitting aperture has a size of  40mm x 40mm at a base of only 55mm x 50mm. This compact design allows the unit to be used effectively in very narrow spaces. In addition an integrated cooling fan and an optimized air flow enable the unit to operate continuously for prolonged periods making it suitable for automated or semi-automated production.

The advanced control electronics integrated into LED Spot 40 IC not only provide for reliable, trouble-free operation but also offer comprehensive monitoring including the recognition of LED-malfunction. The benefits of curing with UV LED light sources over conventional UV lamps is well known – giving better efficiency and reliability due to their extended life-time and low power consumption – this guarantees extraordinary high process stability.

The power supply and control of the LED Spot 40 IC can be performed either by the optionally available Hönle LED power drive IC or by an external power supply and PLC (programmable-logic controller) signals.

The LED Spot 40 IC unit is suitable for fast curing of a wide range of UV adhesives, encapsulants and coatings used in applications such as electronics, medical devices, and optics.