Plexus Corp. calls on aerospace & defense industry to prioritize sustainability ahead of farnborough airshow

Aerospace and defense firms must ensure sustainability is “at the core of everything” if they are to contribute to the battle against climate change, according to Plexus Corp.

Speaking ahead of the Farnborough International Airshow, Evelyn Rafferty, Senior Director Aerospace & Defense EMEA, said: “COP26 in Glasgow deepened the focus on sustainability and the role that businesses need to play in protecting the planet. It is clear it must be at the core of everything companies are looking at from beginning to end.

“Beyond the announcements of overarching Net Zero strategies, companies need to take a closer look at their operations, suppliers and even customers to ensure their operations are as green as they can be, and at least as environmentally friendly as they say it is across their supply chain.”

A&D firms can support their Net Zero goals and add resilience and sustainability to their supply chain by outsourcing their products to the right partner, according to Evelyn.

“From design to support at the beginning of the process to aftermarket services that extend product life cycles, the right partner can assist firms in driving down their carbon footprint and enhancing their sustainability efforts,” she said.

Cyber security is also likely to be a key topic of discussion at Farnborough this year. It is clear A&D firms must ensure their cyber security systems are prepared for increasingly advanced technological threats in a world of rising geopolitical tension.

“A rise in geopolitical tensions around the world, both on the ground and online, means advanced security technologies play an increasingly critical role in our lives,” said Evelyn.  

“The aerospace & defense industry is at the forefront of this growing challenge, but must not become complacent to the rapidly changing nature of cyber security threats from new and existing agents. The Farnborough International Airshow is an opportune time to discuss these new threats and share key learnings that will ensure we all remain ready and alert.”

Plexus’ engineering and manufacturing facilities are strategically located in key regions globally, and provide UK based solutions to clients that supply the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

Plexus will be attending the Farnborough International Airshow this year, which takes place between 18-22 July and will cover topics including space, workforce and future flight.

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