Partnering to Drive Innovation in the Fast-Moving Flash Memory Market

Partnering to Drive Innovation in the Fast-Moving Flash Memory Market

 By David Autrey, Celestica 

The day when our vehicles drive themselves is not far off. It will take a leap of faith to trust your car to autonomously brake or make a lane change, relying on dozens of smart sensors to send and receive terabytes of data over 5G networks in milliseconds. The self-driving car is one example of how companies across all industries are using new digital technologies like IoT, A.I. and machine learning to foster innovation. We call this transformative era The Acceleration Economy, and it’s being driven (no pun intended) by the datacenter and networking hardware evolution that is helping move these amazing technology advancements off the drawing board and into our everyday lives.

The Acceleration Economy creates a world of challenges and opportunities, ushered in by three powerful forces:

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These three forces combine to create one guiding principle every company must adhere to:  Transform or risk irrelevance.

As companies seek digital transformation, the demand for lower latency and higher application performance have driven the storage industry to embrace new technologies as a solution to help cope with the exponentially growing volume and speed of digital communications. That’s why Celestica is focused on designing leading-edge datacenter hardware solutions; partnering with customers to become a source of innovation that enables them to concentrate on the software and services that will differentiate them in their competitive markets.

Celestica’s next-generation flash storage platforms enable our customers to bring innovative solutions to market more quickly and maintain a real competitive edge. Our NVMe dual-port All Flash Array solution was an industry first, followed closely by Euclid, our first NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF) platform. NVMeoF is just one of many leading-edge technologies that we have invested in to drive forward innovation for our customers.

We invest in cutting edge technologies because we understand what it takes to succeed in the Acceleration Economy. And because – some day in the not-too-distant future – we too will take our hands off the wheel, safe in the knowledge that our car is being driven by the best technology solutions in the industry.