New Venture Research Reports IC Packaging Market posts $70 billion in 2018, but struggled in 2019

Nevada City, California – The global market for IC packaging grew by double digits in 2018, but managed to only grow by just 3.0 percent in 2019, as the overall IC devices market declined by 3.7 percent. The saving grace for the packaging industry comes primarily as a result of strong growth of advanced packaging solutions, which reaches nearly $31.5 billion in 2019. These details are explained and expanded upon in the new report The Worldwide Conventional and Advanced Packaging Market for IC Devices, 2019 Edition published by New Venture Research. This report delves deeply into the IC packaging market with in-depth analysis of both legacy packaging formats as well as the newest forms of advanced IC packaging.

In the report, the latest market trends are presented along with the 2018 market results, which provide a solid context for detailed forecasts of each market segment from 2019 through 2023. For example, while the IC devices market faced declining revenues starting in late 2018, the forecast for the industry remains positive as the new decade dawns. By 2023, the IC market is expected to reach annual revenues of $425 billion, helped along by the strong growth of IC packaging, which will rise from 18 percent of the total IC market to 21 percent, and will total $88.7 billion in 2023. The primary driver for growth in the IC packaging market is the increasing demand for smaller and more highly integrated solutions that can be used in a broad range of products, but especially for mobile devices and leading edge wearables.

The Worldwide Conventional and Advanced Packaging Market for IC Devices, 2019 Edition examines these trends through its analysis of the full range of IC packaging solutions. The report includes in-depth forecasts of the global IC packaging market, including extensive segmentation of fourteen packaging families by the device types that are embedded in the package and by the number of I/O (input-output) connections integrated into the packages. In addition to the analysis of the total IC packaging market, the report focuses specifically on the most advanced packaging solutions, including fan-out wafer level packages and multichip packaging solutions, both among the fastest growing market segments. The report’s extensive analysis of 30 distinct IC device types, analyzed in terms of function as well as world regions, serves as the foundation upon which it builds its packaging forecasts. Altogether, 246 tables and figures are provided in this 385-page report.


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