New LED UV-curing unit gives high intensity homogeneous light distribution over a large area

Techsil introduce a new industrial LED UV-Curing Unit from UV curing equipment specialists, Hönle. The LED Spot 100 HP IC has been developed for all applications requiring a highly intensive UV irradiation over a large area. Applications include bonding, fixing or encapsulating of components in the electronic, optical or medical-technical sector.

 Hönle has doubled the intensity of their LED Spot 100. At a wavelength of 405nm the LED Spot 100 HP IC gives an intensity of 2,000mW/cm² and 460nm gives 3,000 mW/cm² guaranteeing a reliable and fast cure to speed up the manufacturing process. A comprehensive monitoring function ensures high process stability so that on fully automated production lines repeatable results can be achieved even in short cycle times. The LED Spot 100 HP IC is also available in the wavelengths 365, 385, and 395nm and has an irradiation area of 100mm x100mm.

Other features include:

  • Low temperature load
  • No warm-up phase
  • Stackable for bigger areas
  • IC – integrated controller
  • Air cooled
  • Intelligent power control

For manufacturing processes which require lower intensities Hönle offer the LED Spot 100 IC which emits up to 1.000 mW/cm² at 405 nm.

The power supply and control of the LED Spot 100 IC and HP IC can be done either by the optionally available LED power drive IC or by an external power supply and PLC signals.

Advantages of the LED technology

LEDs do not emit IR radiation. Even temperature sensitive materials can be irradiated. A wide range of applications is covered by the variety of available wavelengths. As LEDs do not require a warm-up phase, LED heads can be switched on and off without any problems: they are ready for immediate operation. The typical service life of a LED is longer than 20,000 hours.

For further information please contact technical@techsil.co.uk


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