Cornell Dubilier Long-Life, High-Temp, Snap-In Aluminum Caps in Stock at TTI

Fort Worth, Texas  – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, has stock for immediate delivery of multiple values of the Type 381LL (2 pins) and Type 383LL (4 or 5 pins) long-life, high-temp snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier.

Rated for 8,000 hours at -55°C to 105°C, the Type 381LL/383LL snap-ins are designed and tested to meet the high-ripple current demands of inverter DC link applications where long-life of the capacitor bank is essential to system reliability. Voltage range is 16VDC to 250VDC and capacitance ranges from 740μF to 100,000μF. The 381LL/383LL series uses the most advanced electrolyte system that delivers reliable performance and stability of parameters over the life of the capacitor.

To learn more, visit CDE 381LL/383LL Long Life Snap-In Caps at TTI.